Orestas Strauka


Offices: België - beleidsadvies
Email: orestas.strauka@technopolis-group.com

Orestas Strauka is a consultant based at the Brussels office of Technopolis Group. He is a part of the Industry and Entrepreneurship team. Before joining Technopolis Group, Orestas gained professional experience working in and providing advisory services to the public sector. Orestas was part of the PPMI group where he focused on education and R&I policy. During this time, he has contributed to the preparation of the ERA progress report 2018. Orestas has also worked as a project manager at the Lithuanian Government Office, where he coordinated the implementation of the European Green Deal Opportunities for Lithuania project. In addition, Orestas has been a part of the OECD STI team and co-authored a study on the contribution of RTOs to socio-economic recovery, resilience and transitions. Most recently, Orestas was part of PwC and worked on projects related to sustainable and innovative mobility and support measures for renewable energy production.

Orestas has graduated from Vilnius University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science (cum laude). Currently, he is pursuing a master’s degree in Public Policy from Sciences Po. Orestas is fluent in Lithuanian and English.

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