Kristine Farla

Principal Consultant

Kantoren: Verenigd Koninkrijk

Dr Kristine Farla is a Principal Consultant, economist and experienced project manager with 10 years postgraduate experience in the research and innovation arena. Through her project work she has gained a detailed understanding of the innovation and technology landscape and the role of the public sector therein. At Technopolis Group, she works on a range of projects for the European Commission, national government and research councils, including in developing countries. She works on policy and programme evaluations and strategic development as well as broader studies assessing the impact of regulations and public investments, e.g. R&D grants, research funding and other support programmes. She also has ample experience with the design of a framework for the evaluation of the economic and social impact. 

Kristine has technical expertise in empirical analysis using advanced econometric techniques and uses various qualitative data collection techniques, such as high-level interviewing, surveys and Delphi methodology. She has used methodology including sampling techniques, counterfactual analysis, multi-level analysis, dynamic models, and Heckman selection models.

Before joining Technopolis Group, Kristine worked on research projects for international agencies including the Asian Development Bank and the French Development Agency. She has a PhD from Maastricht University / UNU-MERIT and also holds an MSc in Public Policy and Human Development, an MSc in International Business, and a BA in Economics. She is fluent in English and works in French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. 

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