Gaëtan Coatanroch

Partner, Group Lead on Green Economy

Offices: France

Gaëtan Coatanroch is Partner at Technopolis Group.  He leads the development of the group’s activities in the field of green economy. During his career, he has developed expertise in policy advice and public policy evaluation, with a particular interest in sustainable development and innovation. He has developed expertise in financial engineering instruments, notably linked to energy transition. He has contributed to evaluations and studies for international and national public bodies.  He has applied successfully a range of methods such as network analysis, interviews, surveys, case studies, desk research, literature reviews and benchmarking studies.

Currently, Gaëtan coordinates a support mission for the self-evaluation of action supported within the framework of national investment for the future programme (Banque des Territoires) and participate to a forecasting study on socio-economic impact of the transition to a circular economy, to servitisation and to bioeconomy in Hauts-de-France (ADEME).

Recently, Gaëtan completed the ex post evaluation of the energy-lending criteria of the European Investment Bank. He led the ex post evaluation of the National Decommissioning Assistance Programme on the implementation of mitigation measures in the energy sector such as replacement capacity, environmental upgrading, modernisation and energy efficiency linked to the decommissioning of Soviet–designed first generation nuclear reactors (“energy window”) for the European Commission (DG ENER). Since 2015, he participated to several ex ante evaluations of financial engineering instruments for energy transition. He also participated to the evaluation of the African Development Bank’s assistance in the Energy Sector.

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Gaëtan worked for a French consulting firm specialised in strategy, financing and public policies linked to industrial competitiveness and innovation.  During this time, he evaluated the aid-scheme for the development of methanation plants in France.  He also advised several start-ups and groups on business development and market access for innovative product or services.   Previously, Gaëtan worked at the Regional Activity Centre REMPEITC (Curacao) as an International Maritime Organisation Consultant.  He managed an international technical cooperation programme in the Wider Caribbean Region and fostered cooperation for marine environment protection between specialized UN agencies, Caribbean States and maritime and Oil & Gas industries.

Gaëtan obtained a Master of Engineering from Arts et Métiers ParisTech (France).  He also graduated with a Master of Environmental Engineering from the University of Queensland (Australia).

A native French-speaker, Gaëtan is fluent in English and has advanced knowledge of Spanish. 

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