Francie Sadeski

Managing Partner

Offices: Ivory Coast

Francie Sadeski is Lead Consultant for Technopolis Group’s activities in Emerging Markets, focusing on research and innovation in development contexts with a particular interest in financing development policies. Francie has been working for sixteen years in international cooperation and management of complex projects funded by major international donors. 

At sub-national level, she led studies on incubation, financing entrepreneurship (SMEs, start-ups) and growth firms for metropolitan and uttermost French Regions. At national level, she has worked on financial instruments for the French Caisse des Dépôts. At international level, she led the evaluation of COSME Equity and Guarantee Instruments for DG GROW, participated in the World Bank project on Financing Ecosystems in the Western Balkans and a study on financing innovation for the EIB in Latvia and Romania. For the French Development Agency, she led a study on the sinistrality of SMEs, focusing on the case of ARIZ guarantee fund. She participated in the DFID study on Innovation and Growth in Emerging economies. She has developed expertise of financial mechanisms to finance development aid such as Trust Funds and revolving funds. She has led studies and evaluations on higher education and research for development for the NORAD (Evaluation of NORHED), AIMS network (Mid-Term Evaluation of the MCF Program, Mid-Term Evaluation of the DFID-IDRC Program), African Leadership Academy (Evaluation of the Anzisha at Scale program), UNESCO (Capacity Building in Sciences and Engineering). She had designed the higher education strategy for the French Guyane Region. She co-authored the Globelics Policy Brief on “learning and innovation”. She also worked on research in global health. She led the transversal evaluation of Expertise France Operational Research Projects, participated to the evaluation of DFID capacity building programme on operational research, the evaluation of the French contribution to the 5% Initiative to the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB, co-led the evaluation of the European Development of Clinical Trials initiative, and participated to the study on the impact of Health Research on Universal Health Coverage (DG RTD). She has worked in many African countries (Ivory Coast, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Liberia, Chad, Sudan, Congo, Rwanda and South Africa); but also in the MENA (Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, Georgia); and in South East Asia (Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Indonesia). 

Francie holds a degree in Political Sciences from Rennes’ Institute of Political Studies-York University Toronto, with a major in Economics and Finance, as well as a European Masters in International Aid and Development from the University of Aix-en-Provence/Uppsala Universitët Sweden. Francie is a French native speaker, is fluent in English, and has a knowledge of Spanish. 

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