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Bea Mahieu is a Partner with over 20 years of experience in the delivery of policy advice to research and innovation policymakers at the EU, national and regional levels. Her key expertise is in the analysis, evaluation and impact assessment of research and innovation governance systems, policies and programmes.  

European Commission policies, initiatives and R&I programmes is a major strand of her activities. Bea has designed the methodology and led the implementation of numerous evaluations and impact assessment studies in the field of R&I, ranging from programmes supporting research (e)infrastructures and R&I in  space technologies to specific support programmes for SMEs. Her long-term thematic expertise is in the field of ICT and ICT-enabled innovation, including the digitalisation of public services and industry. She is currently leading the Framework Contract for ‘Studying, assessing and evaluating research and innovation programmes and policies’ (SARI) with DG RTD and is the lead for Technopolis Group in the Framework Contracts ‘Support for preparation and implementation of impact assessments, evaluations and fitness checks in the area of digital policy’ and ‘Exploring, documenting and analysing digital policy issues’  with DG Connect. Recent assignments include the Impact Assessment Study for the European Institutionalised Partnerships, covering the 13 public-private partnerships that were candidates for funding under Horizon Europe (DG RTD, 2019-20). 

Bea has also led several complex studies providing strategic policy advice on the governance of R&I systems and the design and evaluation of R&I funding programmes and strategies in the national and regional contexts. She was actively involved and/or managed studies in support of government institutions in Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ireland, Norway, and the UK and as well as the region of Wallonia (Belgium) and the Basque country. Flagship studies include the development of a new national R&D evaluation and performance-based research funding system in the Czech Republic (2014/15), the evaluation of the Research Council of Norway (2011/12), and the International Audit of the Research, Development and Innovation System in the Czech Republic (2010/11). 

Bea is applying her strong theory-based evaluation skills also in the field of EU policy communication where the studies she managed range from synthesis studies and organisational reviews to evaluations of EU campaigns and communication actions and the design of a tool for the benchmarking of Safer Internet Policies and awareness actions. 

Bea is born in Belgium and has the Italian nationality. Before joining Technopolis Group she was Head of the International Business Unit at Databank, an Italian competitive intelligence company (based in Milano), and Director of International Programmes at Inventa, a Czech management consultancy (based in Prague). She holds a Masters degree in Slavic Philology from the University of Ghent (Belgium) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Czech Literature from the Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic). She is fluent in Dutch (mother tongue), English, Italian, French, and Czech, and has a good understanding of German and Spanish. 

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