Amelie Kéré


Kantoren: Germany

Amelie Kéré is a research assistant at Technopolis office in Frankfurt. She works on projects in the field of international cooperation, with a focus on the cooperation of European and African countries, higher education, and digitalisation policies. Amelie contributes to evaluations and studies for European and national public bodies such as the European Commission and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ). She is experienced in conducting qualitative research methods such as interviews, surveys, literature reviews, data analysis and case studies.

Currently, Amelie is involved in the evaluation of the research and transfer initiative “ASCOT+ technology-based competence measurement in vocational education” of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) by conducting desk research and interviews. She is also part of the team of HLPD in the evaluation of the African Union- European Union High Level Policy Dialogue on Science Technology and Innovation (STI) of the DG RTD of the European commission and in the corporate strategy evaluation on GIZ’s cooperation with scientific actors. Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Amelie worked in the field of international development cooperation at GIZ, where she was part of the “German BACKUP Initiative – Digital Transformation in Education in Africa” Project of the EU Action Plan. Before that, she gained professional experiences in the field of business administration at Fraport AG and Samsung Electronics GmbH, in the areas of human resources development and training management.

Amelie graduated from Aalborg University in Denmark with a master’s degree in Culture, Communication and Globalization with a focus on international relations and a bachelor’s degree in Tourism management. During her studies she spent an exchange semester at the Brooklyn College in New York City. She is fluent in German, English and French.