Av. Liberdade 245, 4A
1250-143 Lisbon

Teléfono: +351 919 903 408
Correo electrónico: Augusto Ferreira - info.pt@technopolis-group.com

Technopolis Portugal is the most recent subsidiary of the Technopolis Group. Established in 2022, we provide tailored and comprehensive support to policy making, including strategic advice, studies, policy design, implementation and evaluation.

Technopolis Portugal’s services cover a wide range of policy areas:

Our team provides evidence-based advice to public entities such as national governments and agencies, regional and local authorities, Higher Education Institutions and RTD centres. We also help create long-term value for private clients, namely business associations, clusters, research/innovation organisations and non-profit organisations.

Technopolis Portugal works on international cooperation projects in Portuguese-speaking countries in South America and Africa, together with Technopolis’ Latin America and Africa offices.

Augusto Ferreira and Alexandre Almeida are the Managing Partners leading a team of experienced in-house and associate consultants.

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