Smart specialisation strategy (RIS3) East-Netherlands 2021-2027

Date de publication : 1 mars 2020 | langue de rapport : NL

In preparation of the ERDF programme period 2021-2027, the province of Gelderland and Overijssel (together forming the ERDF region ‘Oost’ or ‘East’ Netherlands), have requested Technopolis and ERAC to support them by updating their regional innovation strategy (RIS3) and formulate their operational programme (OP). Technopolis leads the development of the RIS3 and provides support to ERAC in the development of the OP. In developing the RIS3, Technopolis performed a detailed study on documentation and data to outline a SWOT for the region, interviews were held with many key stakeholders of the region and large scale workshops with break out rooms were organised to outline a shared RIS3.