Anna Menenti

Principal Consultant

Oficina: Países Bajos
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Anna Menenti is a Principal consultant at Technopolis B.V. in Amsterdam, and is an experienced project manager. She has developed her expertise in innovation management over the past 20+ years in both public and private sectors. She has worked on this multidisciplinary and evolving theme in three different continents focusing on innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship, in the domains of foresight, strategic advice, policy evaluations and programme implementation. Colleagues, clients and partners value in particular Anna’s management and conceptual skills. As part of her fact-based approach she has successfully applied various research methods, including case studies, interviews, surveys, desk research, literature review, statistical analysis and intuitive data visualisation.

Commissioned by the European Commission (DG RTD), she worked as project leader on multiannual programme development and implementation regarding collaboration on European and African mission-driven research & innovation capacity (focusing on Knowledge Transfer, education & Entrepreneurship applied to a.o. Green Transition, including sustainable land management and food production), through public and private partnerships, as well as ecosystem development to increase competitiveness. She contributed to several policy studies, such as the policy foresight in the context of fostering multidisciplinary research (Dutch Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation) and connecting Dutch SMEs to the Mission-driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate). In addition, she has led and contributed to several studies including an evaluation of the national statutory research programme regarding zoonosis, analysis of funding streams of animal research and animal-free innovations, specifically to improve translation of human models needed to improve healthcare (both for the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality) and the development of bioeconomy best practices via policy review to stimulate the bioeconomy (for the Inter-American Development Bank). As project leader, she was responsible for a socio-economic impact analysis of the Einstein Telescope, a large-scale scientific infrastructure to measure gravitational waves (commissioned by NIKHEF and Province of Limburg) as well as increasing earning capacity by mapping possible Dutch industrial participation in CERN (commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency). Recently, as project leader, she was responsible for the evaluation of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and Arts (Flemish Department of Economics, Science and Innovation) and for the socio-economic impact analysis of next generation low carbon energy resources in the Netherlands (study commissioned by a national consortium of public & industrial actors and funded by the Province of North-Brabant). Currently she is developing the business processes within the organisation implementing the Dutch programme to scale national and regional Life Long Learning initiatives (Dutch Growth Fund).

Before joining Technopolis, Anna worked in the public sector for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Municipality of The Hague, as well as in the private sector for corporates (including Philips), SMEs and as a freelancer. She has done this in a variety of countries primarily in the context of innovation development and knowledge transfer.

Anna holds a Masters degree in International Business Administration with specialisation in Innovation Management at the (technical) University of Twente. At the same institution, she also obtained her Bachelors degree in Communication Science. She also holds a diploma in Advanced Photography from Istituto Italiano di Fotografia.

Her mother tongue is Italian and Dutch, she is fluent in English, German, Spanish and French and has basic knowledge of Portuguese.

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