Technopolis Group together with DSS+ and puREsource partners have been selected by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to conduct an independent monitoring of “SWITCH to Circular Economy Value Chains” Programme. The Programme is funded by the European Union and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and led by UNIDO in collaboration with Circle Economy, Chatham House and the European Investment Bank.

The SWITCH programme aims to support MSME (micro-, small, and medium sized enterprises) suppliers in developing countries in the value chains of large EU manufacturers and buyers to jointly identify, adopt, and excel in circular economy practices. The overall objective is to support the “Transformation towards a circular economy”, including contribution to sustainable growth, low carbon and climate resilient development, decent jobs creation, and safer, healthier and pollution-free environment.

The programme is built on a set of general and pilot specific interventions and activities, for example capacity development, provision of technical expertise, circular ecosystem development and improvement of access to finance. It is envisioned to support promotion of circular practices and approaches in pilot projects in three main value chains: Plastic Packaging, Textiles & Garments, and Electronics & ICT.

Technopolis and partners are monitoring the implementation of the programme and individual pilots. The team worked out on defining the Theory of Change, setting the monitoring and evaluation process, including the list of baseline and key performance indicators and instruments for data collection and reporting. This shapes up the methodology for the permanent monitoring of the activities along the whole cycle of the programme until 2025.

Technopolis Team: Ruslan Zhechkov, Geert van der Veen, Vineta Goba, Anastasiia Konstantynova, Erika Van der Linden, Jules Van de Meulengraaf, Juanita Garcia Gutierrez

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