Future competence needs of enterprises

Fecha de publicación: 9 septiembre 2020 | Idioma del informe NL

New technologies (including digitalisation) and organisational innovations are changing jobs and tasks. Technology replaces routine activities and instead creates new (and changed) job profiles. The so-called ‘servitisation’ of products (product/service combinations), the robotisation of manual labour and the emergence of platform economies are examples of developments that lead to changes in the organisation of work and the skills required. In addition, societal changes are increasingly affecting the workplace: ageing and (economic) migration bring about changes in the composition of the workforce. Furthermore, companies are also changing simply because of strategic business choices to expand or terminate services and processes, or because they are entering the international market.

In order to respond properly to the current and future changes that companies are facing, it is important to have a clear picture of what competences are required in companies. Competence forecasting can help companies to re- or upskill employees in a timely and correct way and to apply innovation(s) in the work organisation.

Against this background, Technopolis Group has carried out exploratory research for the Flemish Department of Work & Social Economy (WSE). The result is an advice on mapping future competence needs at company level, which should lead to concrete action plans in these companies.