Businesses’ views on Swedish R&D policy

Fecha de publicación: 30 noviembre 2021 | Idioma del informe SV

Technopolis Group have on behalf of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, conducted an interview study in which 40 R&D managers in Swedish companies gave their perspective on factors that affect their ability to increase R&D investments in Sweden. The companies being represented in the study covers just over 65 per cent of all R&D personnel in Swedish businesses. The survey shows that a political goal that research investments in Sweden should increase by at least one percent of GDP, where business accounts for the largest part, has very strong support. Eight out of ten companies are very positive. An ambitious political goal sends an important signal value that directly affects companies’ willingness to invest. Here, Sweden can learn from other countries with much more ambitious goals for research policy. The survey also shows that there is a gap between higher education and research at Swedish universities on the one hand and the needs of business and industry on the other. Four out of ten companies believe that higher education and research at Swedish universities and colleges are not relevant to their companies. Just over a third of the companies believe that the universities’ ability to switch to new areas, often central to the companies, is poor or very poor.