Katharina Warta

Managing Partner

Oficina: Austria
Correo electrónico: warta@technopolis-group.com

Katharina Warta is managing partner of Technopolis Austria. Research and innovation policy is the focus of her work, applied to projects in the fields of evaluation, management and strategy as well as in programme design and process support.

Katharina Warta is an economist (University of Vienna, 1994) and group dynamics trainer (Austrian Working Group for Group Therapy and Group Dynamics, ÖAGG, 2016). Her studies were followed by an internship at the European Commission and a postgraduate training for international leadership at the Robert Bosch Foundation (now Mercator College). From 1996-1999 Katharina was a research assistant in the Technology Policy Division of the Austrian Research Centres (now AIT- Austrian Institute of Technology). Since 1999 she has been a consultant at Technopolis, the first six years in the Paris office, since 2005 in Vienna. From 2012 to 2020 she was chairwoman of the Austrian platform for research and technology policy evaluation fteval.

Katharina Warta is trilingual (German, French and English).

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