6 Epidavrou Street
104 44 Athens

Telefone: + 30 210 687 53 00
Email: info@opix.ai

Website: www.opix.ai

OPIX offers an interdisciplinary approach to sophisticated machine learning and text mining techniques.

OPIX is a public policy and strategy consulting company propelled by big data and artificial intelligence. It aims to shift the paradigm of public policy and business strategy consulting, modelling, and formulation, by combining big data and AI technologies with quantitative and qualitative methods. Rooted in academia, its staff boasts unparalleled data and AI know-how.

The OPIX team uses and develops a unique range of technologies and innovative techniques. Its expertise covers:

Technopolis Group and OPIX work together to take evidence-based policymaking and strategy design to the next level. They use AI techniques for big data analysis to provide strategic advice and consulting services to public and private institutions in diverse thematic areas. Their joint services include strategic planning, policy evaluation, foresight and project management support in the fields of research and innovation, SMEs and industry, sustainable growth, cohesion policy and health.

OPIX was founded by Technopolis Group and the Greek public research organisation the Athena Research Center, together with university professors Dr Yannis Ioannidιs and Dr Lena Tsipouri, and researchers Mrs Natalia Manola and Dr Haris Papageorgiou.

For more information, please visit the OPIX website.

Should you have any specific requests, please feel free to contact Matthieu Lacave and Agis Evrigenis from Technopolis Group, and Peggy Kaloumenou, Executive Director of OPIX.

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