Julie van Deelen


Escritórios: Belgium - Policy consulting
Email: vandeelen.julie@technopolis-group.com

Julie van Deelen is a policy analyst at the Brussels office of Technopolis Group. She has developed expertise in public policy with a main focus on fields like the environment, circulairity and climate change. She has contributed to projects mainly for European public bodies, in particular for DG ENV, DG GROW, and DG RTD from the European Commission. She has successfully applied a range of methods such as case studies, stakeholder consultations, organising stakeholder workshops, desk research, etc.

Recently, Julie has contributed to several projects for the European Commission, including the ‘Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform’, the ‘Green Transition evaluation’, the ‘Impact assessment of legislation for plants produced by NGTs’, ‘Research and knowledge building on sustainable infrastructure projects through stakeholder engagement’, and ‘CircLean’.

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Julie has developed professional experiences in the field of research and consultancy, and water management (Deltares) by performing multi-criteria analyses on projects concerning river management, to support multi-stakeholder decision-making. She advised stakeholders like the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and procurers on the carbon footprint of their projects. In addition, Julie has professional experience in modelling and scenario exploration in the field of food security and (marine) carbon sequestration (World Maritime University, Sweden).

Julie obtained her MSc in Engineering & Policy Analysis at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. She holds a BSc degree in Technical Medicine at the Technical University of Delft, Leiden University Medical Center and Erasmus University Medical Center. She works in English and Dutch and has beginner/intermediate levels of French and German.