Isobel Urquhart


Escritórios: United Kingdom

Isobel Urquhart is a Consultant in the Green Economy Team at the London office. She has developed an interest in environmental sustainabilty and policy consultancy through taking part in projects with public bodies such as NHS Trusts. Isobel is proficient in both qualitative and quantitive research methods, learnt throughout her university career and prior experience as an analyst and research assistant.

Isobel has recently finished her MSc in Environemntal Policy and Management at the University of Bristol, during which she become competent with policy analysis and took part in several consultancy projects. During her degree, Isobel also completed a dissertation examining the impact of climate and land changes on malaria vectors in the UK, and implications for policy. Prior to this, she studied Geography (BSc), also at the University of Bristol. Isobel is fluent in English.

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