Last December, Technopolis Group was awarded two major contracts with the European Commission (DGR RTD), totalling together more than 700,000€, to carry out a Baseline study for the implementation of lighthouses of Mission ‘Restore our ocean and waters by 2030′.

European “Missions” are a novel feature of Horizon Europe. They have been launched by the European Commission on 29 September 2021 and comprise new and innovative ways to work together and improve the lives of people in Europe and beyond. The objectives of Mission ‘Restore our ocean and waters by 2030’ is to provide a systemic approach for the restoration of our oceans, seas and waters by 2030.  The specific objectives of the Mission are: 

Area-based lighthouses will be the main implementation vehicle of the Mission in its first phase. Lighthouses will act as hubs and platforms for the development, demonstration and deployment of solutions to those challenges. As one of its first activities to support the Mission, the European Commission has procured a Baseline Study (led by Technopolis Group) with the support of two consortiums, for Mission lighthouses in the Atlantic & Arctic, Baltic, North sea and Mediterranean basins along with the Danube river basin. 

Read more about our work on the Mission here.

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