World-class ecosystems in the Finnish economy

Fecha de publicación: 29 abril 2021 | Idioma del informe EN

Business ecosystems flourish when different stakeholders and industries meet and collaborate. Business Finland has taken an active role in pushing forward new initiatives that have the potential to grow into ecosystems, and to support the most promising ecosystems to grow into international success stories that renew, grow, and improve the competitiveness of the Finnish economy. Business Finland’s ecosystem portfolio currently consists of more than 40 ecosystems, ranging from new emerging ecosystems to mature international business ecosystems.

The main research questions of this evaluation are as follows: How can public sector in Finland improve its ability to build ecosystems in order to attract global actors to Finland? What has been the main value added of the funding and services of Business Finland for promoting business ecosystems in the Finnish economy? What kind of critical obstacles and bottlenecks have affected, or could affect, the ability to achieve these goals? What kind of societal impacts (renewal of economy, environment, well-being, capabilities, company growth, ecosystems) have been achieved and how they could be measured?

Read the full report on Business Finland’s website here.