Reform of the research assessment and institutional funding system in the Czech Republic

Fecha de publicación: 27 mayo 2015 | Idioma del informe EN

The Czech Ministry of Education commissioned Technopolis to design the methodology for a new approach to research assessment and performance-based research funding for the research and higher education sector in the country.

The design of the evaluation methodology and institutional funding principles was based on extensive review of international practice to produce a system design that is appropriate to the size, structure and economic constraints of the Czech Republic as well as on extensive consultation with the research community and a small pilot exercise.

The methodology addresses specific needs in the country. Foremost is the need for fairness and transparency in research assessment and institutional funding, and the importance of taking the diversity of actors involved into account, in terms of the scientific fields in which they are active and the missions of their category of research organisation. It avoids putting different types of research organisation, such as universities and Research and Technology organisations, in competition with each other. The new institutional funding system reflects the needs for some funding stability, while the evaluation system provides formative as well as summative inputs to policymaking overall and to the specific development of individual research groups and organisations. The methodology for the ‘National Evaluation of Research Organisations’ (NERO) is geared towards better capturing and rewarding the social and scientific value of research activities.

Technopolis led this project, in partnership with NIFU (Oslo), the Technology Centre ASCR (Prague) and Infoscience (Prague). The study followed up some of the recommendations of the International Audit of Research, Development & Innovation in the Czech Republic that Technopolis led in 2011.

The summary reports synthesises the following main and background reports: