Morten Rasmussen is leading our Digital Thematic Business Unit. He’s passionate about navigating the opportunities and challenges that come with new digital technologies.

At the forefront of digital technologies

The digital sector brings profound changes. It fosters new opportunities, but also poses key challenges to industries, policymakers and communities. Technopolis Group has stayed at the forefront of innovation by always working with existing digital technologies and emerging ones, such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and high-performance computing, that have a potential for large-scale applications.

We are continuously monitoring policy, regulations, the ethics of new digital technologies and the socio-economic landscape surrounding the digital transition. In our projects, we are always looking into new ways to improve our offer to digital sector clients. Our metrics combine traditional and novel data sources and enable us to:

At Technopolis Group, we are very fortunate to have a team that is truly passionate about the digital sector. Our colleagues are curious individuals who love to continuously learn through their work which reflects an important value of working at Technopolis Group.

New technologies, new questions

The future is digital. With its transversal nature the digital sector is highly dynamic and pushes forward disruptions throughout communities, industries and value chains. Innovations such as 4D Printing, biometrics, industrial wearables, Internet of Behaviour and swarm computing are on the rise. Many sectors will need to adapt to technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data to remain competitive. These new technologies pose new ethical questions. Regulating these technologies is, therefore, at least as important as the technologies themselves. AI and digital technologies need a strong institutional and regulatory framework for their use in industries and public sectors.

New technologies pose new ethical questions. Regulating these technologies is, therefore, at least as important as the technologies themselves.

Morten Rasmussen, Digital Thematic Business Unit lead

Diverse projects

Technopolis Group carries out a broad range of digital projects. The following three projects highlight the diversity of our activities in terms of topics and methodologies.

For the project Advanced Technologies for Industry, we monitored the uptake of technologies by industries and SMEs at EU-level. The project was especially rewarding because it required us to find new ways and novel data sources to provide up-to-date and reliable data on digital technological trends.

We are also heavily involved in ‘smart cities’ and technological and green transformation at city and regional levels. We are currently running the Intelligent Cities Challenge where we coordinate a large network of experts providing strategic, technological and environmental, advice to participating cities. We are working closely with highly motivated partners that aspire to promote technological innovation at city-level.

Lastly, we have also been carrying out ex-ante impact assessment work on the new European Institutionalised Partnerships (including of Key Digital Technologies and EuroHPC). Through impact assessment studies, we have sketched out how the organisations in the digital landscape will be set up and cooperate under the new Horizon Europe research programme.

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