The EU’s industrial policy aims for a competitive European industry. In order to properly support the implementation of policies and initiatives, Europe requires a systematic monitoring of technological trends, as well as reliable, up-to-date data on advanced technologies . To this end, the Advances Technologies for Industry (ATI) project was created. It is implemented by Technopolis Group, IDC, Fraunhofer Society, IDEA, Capgemini and NESTA on behalf of EASME and the European Commission DG GROW.

ATI provides policymakers, industry representatives and academia with:

The recently published ATI website provides access to:

data dashboard providing statistics and data on the level of technology production and uptake, their impact across sectors and countries, supporting policymakers and businesses in their decision making. The data dashboard helps to answer questions like: What are the maturity levels and adoption rates of advanced technologies? What are the trends in key enabling factors such as skills, investment or entrepreneurship? How do key competing economies perform compared to the EU?

The Technology Centre Mapping presents an overview of the technology centres with expertise in advanced technologies in the EU. It contains information about their type of expertise and services, the exact location and contact details for each registered technology centre. Technology centres working on advanced technologies and with experience in the provision of services to SMEs are encouraged to register themselves and be part of the Technology Centre Mapping by selecting the relevant banner on the homepage of the ATI project.

In the scope of this project, Technopolis has also published a series of analytical reports, and will provide additional reports in the future. The ATI reports can be found here.

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