William Becker

Associate Consultant

Oficina: Bélgica - consultoría política
Correo electrónico: william.becker@technopolis-group.com

William Becker is a policy-oriented data scientist and consultant with a PhD in mechanical engineering, followed by nearly 13 years of professional experience working in the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and as an expert consultant for various UN agencies, consultancies and non-profit organisations on a very wide range of topics.  

William is a leading expert in the development of composite indicators, having been a senior researcher in the European Commission’s Competence Centre for Composite Indicators and scoreboards, and has worked with dozens of organisations to help them build and improve composite indicators on topics ranging from sustainable development to globalization. His work includes the development of the widely used open-source R package “COINr” for building and analysing composite indicators, extensive work on the Global Innovation Index, long-term projects with UNIDO on quality infrastructure, and indicator app development with UNHCR.  

On the technical side, William is a highly experienced statistical programmer and an advocate of open-source software, having developed a number of R packages and built several web apps. He is also a seasoned academic with around 2000 citations in papers spanning topics on modelling and sensitivity analysis, machine learning and indicators.   

William also works as a data scientist on global greenhouse gas emissions at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.  

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