Océane Merchiers

Junior Communications Consultant

Oficina: Arctik - comunicación
Correo electrónico: oceane.merchiers@technopolis-group.com

Océane joined Arctik in 2022 as a Junior Communications Consultant. She is assisting on communication projects with a focus on EU affairs on environment and sustainability, including EU Ecolabel and PolarRES for H2020, and EU Green Week 2022. 

She graduated in 2021 with a BSc in Marine Biology with Oceanography from the University of Southampton (UK) and has followed a class in Climate Change Economics with University of California, Berkeley (USA). Along with her background in research and analysis and science communication, stemming from student-led projects and internships, Océane has experience in digital art and photography. 

Océane is very interested in climate and ecologial change, sustainable development, and environmental sciences. As a Belgian who grew up in the USA, she is fluent in English, French, and Dutch.