Mijo Maric

Senior Consultant

Oficina: Alemania
Correo electrónico: mijo.maric@technopolis-group.com

Mijo Maric is head of the National Bureau of the “Business Initiative Smart Living” at the Technopolis Group in Berlin, which is commissioned by the BMWi.

Mijo Maric studied Business Administration at Freie Universität Berlin, where he gained experience in the telecommunications, consulting, media, event and real estate sector. After graduating, he received a scholarship to qualify as “Project Manager IT-Applications” at Siemens Business Services (DQS Project Manager Certification).

In 2001, Mijo Maric joined the Deutsche Telekom´s ICT service provider T-Systems, where he was involved in EU-funded R&D projects (FP5 & FP6) and other innovation projects within the Corporate Innovation Division. His main focus was on the administrative and commercial project management of consortia, business model development, market potential assessment, customer segmentation and the economic assessment of new technologies and applications. Subsequently, he headed the Project Office of T-Systems ES GmbH.

In 2009, Mijo Maric joined the newly created Central Innovation Unit at Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs), which was founded as an Public-Private-Partnership at the TU Berlin. Here he was initially active in the field of communication and later headed the Project Office. In addition, he was involved in the establishment of the T-Lab incubator program “Entrepreneurs Program”, which supported promising start-ups.

In 2011 Maric was sent by the T-Labs to the office of the Innovation Center Connected Living e.V. – a nationwide smart home network, which he managed as deputy, commissioner and commercial director until end of 2016. He was responsible for the annual sales with responsibilities for project budgets; human resources management; Press & PR and the development and management of the annual business activity plan. He maintained contacts with the members’ representatives of major SMEs and research institutes in the smart home sector. He contributed to the preparation and execution of the trade fairs and conferences, organised the working groups and was responsible for the work of the association as well as for cooperation with political decision-makers. He was also involved as project manager and project team member in various BMWi and BMBF funded R&D projects in the fields of energy, health and comfort.

Since 2013, he has been a participant in the BMWi working group “Networked Living and Mobile Life” and has accompanied the genesis of the “Business Initiative Smart Living“ through a  number of  pivotal roles: as project partner of the “Smart Home Certification Program” and the “SmartHome2Market” project, and,  as a member of the program committee for the planned “Smart Home2Market Conference”,   he contributed to the preparation, and participated in the” Initiative for the Smart-Home-Lead-Market Germany “workshop in June 2016 in Berlin. Mijo Maric is characterised by his large network of Smart Home managers in companies and research institutions, his trustworthy relationship with the representatives of the associations and initiatives and his long-term collaboration with the BMWi, DLR or VDI/ VDE.

Mijo Maric is a native German and Croatian speaker and is also fluent in English.