Jonatan Ryd


Correo electrónico:

Jonatan Ryd is a consultant based in the Stockholm office of Technopolis Group. He is oriented towards evaluations and studies targeted towards research programmes, higher education policy and innovation systems analysis. He has experience of both qualitative and quantitative methods.  

Jonatan holds a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Politics and Economics obtained in 2017 from Lund University. Jonatan’s education profile contains Economics (90 ETCS credits) and his thesis investigated a new way of defining technology as a scale from deep to broad within the field of economic growth. Jonatan also studied Political Science (30 ETCS credits) at Lund University. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree, Jonatan moved to Taiwan for one year to deepen his knowledge in Mandarin which he first obtained while living in Shenzhen as an exchange student during upper secondary school.  

Previously Jonatan has worked as ‘Co-worker ombudsman’ where he helped whistle-blowers from different companies report mistreatments anonymously. These cases were then evaluated and forwarded to nearest person in charge.  

Jonatan is fluent in Swedish and English and speaks Mandarin on an intermediate level.