Izabella Martins Grapengiesser


Oficina: Bélgica - consultoría política
Correo electrónico: izabella.martins-grapengiesser@technopolis-group.com

Izabella Martins Grapengiesser is an Analyst in the Research and Innovation line at the Brussels office of Technopolis Group. At Technopolis Izabella has developed her skills in evaluation and impact assessment working with European, national, and regional clients implementing both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Recently, Izabella has contributed to the evaluation of natural sciences and life sciences in Norway for the Research Council of Norway and she is currently contributing to a landscape analysis of Technology infrastructures in Europe for DG RTD.

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Izabella worked at the department of Political Science at Stockholm University within the GREENTRANS project, a comparative quantitative study about environmental laws, focusing primarily on translating, interpreting, and quantifying environmental legislation from Brazil, Norway, and Spanish speaking countries.

Izabella also worked as a research assistant at the Department of Sociology at Stockholm University within the project Fertility intentions, fertility considerations and Swedish fertility decline, conducting and analysing semi-structured interviews.

During 2022 she completed an internship at the Swedish Mission to the United Nations in New York. During her time as an intern at the United Nations, Izabella worked with a variety of policy fields mainly in the First Committee (Disarmament and International Security) including cybersecurity, peacebuilding, disarmament, international aid, as well as local and regional development producing reports for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Izabella also had an internship at the Swedish think tank Arena Idé where she participated in several studies about the Swedish labour market. Amongst other projects she produced a report about labour rights for health employees during the Covid-19 pandemic. She also participated in a research project about growing dissatisfaction in Swedish politics and the rise of right-wing populism, quantifying and analysing an interviewed-based study about voting intentions and socio-economic parameters. 

Izabella holds a master’s degree in political science from Stockholm University, Sweden, as well as a bachelor’s degree in politics, philosophy and economics from Stockholm University. In her master thesis she conducted an interview-based project, interviewing private sector stakeholders about a basic income and digital community currency project in the municipality of Maricá, Rio de Janeiro. In addition to her mother tongue Swedish, Izabella is fluent in Portuguese and English. She has also studied and has a good understanding of French and Spanish.

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