Guillaume Malite


Oficina: Francia
Correo electrónico:

Guillaume Malite is an analyst who joined the Paris office of Technopolis Group in July 2022. He has developed an expertise in topics related to climate change, adaptation and mitigation strategies as well as international climate finance. He has contributed to impact assessment and studies for international public bodies as the NDC Patnership, GIZ.

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Guillaume was an intern at the French firm Cibola Partners in Paris. During this period, he analyzed the effects of climate projects on the environment and economic development. He also worked on climate finance issues for Sudan and Iraq. He has applied successfully a range of methods such as interviews, case studies, desk research, literature reviews, statistical analysis and benchmarking studies.

His dissertation topic was on the issues of access to climate finance for developing countries. After a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Guillaume obtained a Master’s degree in Environmental Economics from the University of Paris Nanterre and the University of Paris Saclay. His native language is French and he is fluent in English.

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