Erwin Karsten


Oficina: Países Bajos
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Erwin Karsten is a research analyst at Technopolis Group, based in Amsterdam. He holds master’s degrees in Economics and Finance and has a strong background in quantitative analysis. Additionally, he has extensive experience with in-depth desk research and interviews. 

His focus areas are the green economy, emerging markets and European innovation policy. In his master’s and through his initial work experience he has specialized in the regulation of energy markets. He holds a prospective PhD position at the Radboud University Nijmegen, specializing in challenge-oriented innovation applied to climate finance in emerging markets. Since the widespread adoption of the SDGframework, challenge-oriented innovation is presenting a serious business opportunity. Due to the relative novelty, the research is facing severe data challenges as these practices are generally not included in business statistics and surveys. His research focuses on new techniques such as web-scraping and text-mining combined with new processing techniques such as machine learning and semantic analysis. The project aims to contribute by advancing the theory of challenge-oriented innovations. 

Prior to joining Technopolis, Erwin worked as an analyst at a network utility company to explore different scenarios for the future of the Dutch electricity market. This tied in with his master’s thesis on subsidies for renewable energy, which has recently been published. Moreover, at “De Kleine Consultant” he gained valuable experience by evaluating the potential for a preventative as opposed to a curative health care market in the Netherlands, managed a project focused on strategy and organizational effectiveness, and served as director responsible for acquisition and business development. Additional work experience includes a research project for a Dutch bank into opportunities generated by an ageing population in China. This included field work in both Chengdu and Shanghai, and the results have been presented at the consulate-general of the Dutch embassy in Shanghai. Erwin is fluent in English and a native Dutch speaker.