Final Evaluation of the Compete Caribbean Program

Date de publication : 22 octobre 2020 | langue de rapport : EN

An external final evaluation of the Compete Caribbean Program (CCP) has been conducted as part of M&E obligations of the program set for in the Plan of Operations of project RG-X1044. The evaluation was conducted between May and December 2016.

The evaluation has shed light on what is commonly considered as a highly successful program in support of promoting enabling business environments and innovation in the Caribbean. All stakeholders contacted as part of the evaluation expressed very high levels of satisfaction and appreciation regarding the program’s relevance, its achievements, and its overall value proposition. It is also widely considered that the program has made contributions to improving the conditions for Private Sector Development (PSD) in the Caribbean region. 

The Compete Caribbean Programme is supporting the competitiveness of the Private Sector in 15 Caribbean Countries. The programme is composed of 3 pillars:

  1. Producing knowledge on private sector strategies for national and regional governments ;
  2. Improving the business climate in the selected beneficiaries countries ;
  3. Managing the « Challenge Innovation Fund » that supports
    a) cluster organisations and
    b) individual innovation projects at firm levels.

Technopolis, in partnership with Nathan, was in charge of the final evaluation of the programme.