On the 5 of July 2023, the Commission adopted a package of measures in support of the Green Deal and Fark to Fork strategies. Among the measures was the awaited legislative proposal on new genomic techniques (NGTs). From April 2022 to June 2023, Technopolis Group, together with its partners Wageningen University & Research and Arcadia International provided the external support study for the impact assessment of this legislative approach.

The study team provided a comprehensive stakeholder consultation including 50 interviews and a survey sent to 400 targeted organisations. Focus groups and case studies provided further consolidation and insights. The analysis was complemented by the public consultation, run by the EC, and case studies developed by the JRC.

The full study, a comprehensive report containing the annexes as well as an executive summary is available.

For questions, please contact the study lead Dr. Viola Peter: viola.peter@technopolis-group.com

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