Technopolis Group to support and train French “eco-cities”

12th April 2018

Technopolis Group is starting an exciting project for the French Caisse des Dépôts (State bank) in the frame of the “Future Cities” (Ville de Demain) programme (€668m). This initiative supports 30 French “eco-cities” (EcoCités) to design, test and implement new solutions for more sustainable and smarter cities in the fields of: transport and mobility, energy and resource efficiency, environmental protection, urban planning and housing, and public services.

Each city has developed a set of actions/projects funded by the programme. Over the next 24 months, the Technopolis Group team will support and train the 31 eco-cities in conducting a self-assessment of their actions. With our partner I-Care, we will also assess the innovativeness of the actions supported by the eco-cities, and will organise capitalisation and stakeholder engagement seminars around the concept of eco-cities. This project complements our current work on Digital Cities for the European Commission.

For more information:
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