Evaluation of InnoSport

Publiceringsdatum: 17 april 2015 | Språk: EN

The InnoSport Foundation started in 2006 with funding from the Dutch Government. The aim of the InnoSport Foundation is stimulate sport innovations and to bridge science and society. InnoSport must be of added value for sports, companies and knowledge institutes. The main funder of InnoSport is the Ministry of VWS(port). The Ministry commissioned the evaluation of InnoSport. The evaluation contains both a ex post and a ex ante part. In the ex post the main aim is to assess the effects and impacts of the foundations projects and to assess the additionality of InnoSport. Central in the ex ante part is the evaluation of the new initiative: Netherlands Institute for Sport Science and Innovation (NISSI). Methods used in the evaluation are deskresearch, interviews, case studies, bibliometrics, network analysis and a survey.