The policy seminar on ‘Next generation of human-AI/robot systems – what role for policy?’ is part of a series of eight policy seminars coordinated by Technopolis Group and the Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) consortium. The webinar, organised on behalf of EISMEA and European Commission – DG GROW, will take place on Wednseday 7 July 2021, from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm CET.

Research and innovation policies across Europe are actively promoting the development of AI and robotics technologies. Beyond unfolding the potential in these technologies, policy will also need to play an important role to prepare the future workforce for the upcoming changes and mitigate the less beneficial societal and ethical related consequences of automation and human-machine interactions.

Successful technological transformation has various challenges that will have to be addressed both by policy and change in industrial behaviour including trustworthy technology, qualifications, change management and organisation, safety and occupational health, liability and ethical behaviour.

In this context, the online policy seminar will aim to: 

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Welcome and introduction

Presentation of the ATI project and its policy brief on human-machine interactions

AI standards

AI ethical label

AI for fairness and equality and skills development

White paper on cobots and skills policies

Closing remarks and next steps


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