INOMER Ltd (Center of Innovation for Competitiveness and Development) is the preferred partner for Technopolis Group  for assignments that cover Turkey or require Turkish expertise.



Our partners at INOMER have provided services to:

  • International organisations (such as the World Bank, OECD, European Training Foundation (ETF), UNIDO, UNESCO, UNDP, the British Embassy in Ankara)  in Turkey and in the region such as Western Balkans, Russia, etc.)
  • National authorities (such as the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Economy,  Ministry of Energy and Natural Sources, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Board of Education of the Ministry of National Education, Small and Medium Industry Development Organisation (KOSGEB), etc.)
  • Non-governmental organisations (e.g. the Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TUSIAD), Turkish Education Association (TED), Ankara Chamber of Industry, Mersin Organised Industrial Zone, Antalya Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ANSIAD), etc.)
  • Regional authorities (such as Northeast Anatolia Development Agency (KUDAKA), Cukurova Development Agency (CKA), Middle Black Sea Development Agency (OKA), Eastern Mediterranean Development Agency (DOGAKA), Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA), Izmir Development Agency (IZKA), Mevlana Development Agency (MEVKA), Diyarbakir Governorship, Bursa Governorship, Van Provincial Directorate of Industry and Trade, Istanbul Municipality Natural Gas Distribution Company (IGDAS), etc.)
  • Technology and innovation infrastructures and technology-based companies (Gazi University Technology Transfer Office, technology parks in Turkey (e.g. Orta Dogu Technopark A.S., Cyberpark,…), TEMSA, INTEL, AYESAS, Siemens Enterprise Communications, etc.)


Please contact our partners at who will be delighted to help with your needs.