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Europa står inför nya, stora konkurrensutmaningar där särskilt fokus måste läggas på utbildningssystemets förmåga att utbilda spetskompetens och stötta innovation och tillväxt. Technopolis Group bidrar med evidensbaserade underlag och strategier som hjälper kunderna att förbättra sin verksamhet för att möta Europas utmaningar.

Entrepreneurial Higher Education Institutions

HEInnovate is a self-assessment tool for Entrepreneurial Higher Education Institutions. It is an initiative of the European Commission, DG Education and Culture and the OECD LEED forum, and supported by a panel of six independent experts. The website has been designed and is managed by Technopolis under a Framework Contract agreement with the European Commission,…

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European Forum Co-operation between Higher Education and the Business Community

The University Business Forum is an initiative of DG EAC to bring together stakeholders involved in UBC in the area of higher education for design of curriculum, mobility, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship education. This contract provided think pieces and input papers for the thematic forums as well as running expert groups to help shape future…

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Evaluation of Nordplus

Nordplus and its five sub-programmes Nordplus Junior, Nordplus Higher Education, Nordplus Adult, Nordplus Horizontal and Nordplus Nordic Languages were all evaluated. The evaluation had both summative and formative traits and the evaluation team focused on the performance and impacts of Nordplus and its sub-programmes, with a view on the expected delivery of activities and outcomes…

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EU-US Study on credit systems in higher education

The report was a comprehensive comparative study on higher education credit systems in Europe and US. Compare experiences and identify best practices for enhancing transparency and recognition of study abroad periods between the US and EU. The results of the study led to recommendations for translation between EU and US credit systems to facilitate mobility

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