Ruben Fotso


Kontor: Frankrike

Ruben Fotso has developed expertise in public policy evaluation with a recent particular interest in science-industry transfer type innovation policy. He has contributed to evaluations, impact assessment and studies for international, European, national and Regional public bodies. He has applied successfully a range of methods such quasi-experimental methods (difference-in-difference, synthetic control method, regression discontinuity, etc.), econometric modelling, statistical/econometric analyses, economic impact analyses, datamining, case studies, desk research, literature reviews, technological/economic intelligence.

Prior to joining Technopolis, Ruben worked as a postdoctoral research in economics for the Research Group in Theoretical and Applied Economics (GRETHA) at the University of Bordeaux in France. More precisely, He was attached to the ”VIA Inno” Research Platform, specialized in technological intelligence (decision support structure of the ”Nouvelle-Aquitaine” Region council, in the field of research, technology, innovation and industry). During this time, he analysed the diversification opportunities in the aeronautical industry in the “Nouvelle Aquitaine” Region (France) using the territorial technological intelligence approach. Previously, Ruben worked as a researcher in economics of innovation, for the Group of Analysis and Economic Theory (GATE), the CNRS laboratory of economics at the University of Lyon 2 and Jean Monnet University of Saint-Etienne ( France). He also had the opportunity to work for private sector as an analyst in economic intelligence.

Ruben obtained his undergraduate diploma in Economics and Econometrics from the University of Douala (Cameroon) and then He obtained two Masters degree (a Research Master in Economics and a Professional Master in Economic Intelligence & Management of innovation) and a PhD in Economics of innovation respectively from the Jean Monnet University of Saint-Etienne and from the University of Lyon 2 (France). During the PhD, Ruben worked for Technopolis France as an external consultant researcher in the field of innovation policy evaluation. He is fluent in English, French and has some knowledge of Spanish.