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Technopolis Group completes evaluation of Business Finland programmes for co-creation and innovative procurement

20th June 2019

Technopolis Group Baltics recently completed evaluation of three Business Finland programmes (Witty city, Smart procurement, Built environment) focusing on co-creation and innovative procurement. Evaluation provided information on what results each of the programmes have created, how well have the objectives set for the programmes been achieved, what impacts they have had, and how relevant, efficient…

Technopolis studerar norska forskares möjligheter att delta i ERC-programmen

25th April 2019

I rapporten “Barriers and opportunities for Norwegian participation in the European Research Council (ERC)” presenteras resultaten av Technopolis studie av hinder och möjligheter för norska forskares deltagande i ERCs forskningsfinansieringsprogram (Starting, Consolidator och Advanced Grants). Studien utfördes på uppdrag av Norges forskningsråd mellan augusti 2018 och februari 2019. Huvuddelen av studien bestod av en enkät…

The challenge of industrial modernisation: focus on the role of regions

16th April 2019

While European institutions improve the framework for jobs, growth and innovation, tools already exist at the national and regional level to stimulate and support industrial competitiveness. The aim of strengthening European industry at the EU level must be supported by national and regional reforms. In the face of this multi-level governance, it is clear that…

Ny rapport: Göran Melin vid Faugert & Co har deltagit i följeforskningen av NTNUs fusionsprocess

14th February 2019

År 2016 gick Norges teknisk-naturvetenskapliga universitet i Trondheim (NTNU) samman med tre högskolor, vilket bildade Norges största universitet med över 40 000 studenter och nära 7000 anställda. Den här fusionsprocessen har följts av ett följeforskningsteam lett från institutet NIFU i Oslo. Göran Melin vid Faugert & Co har deltagit i följeforskningsteamet. Följeforskningsuppdraget avslutades i februari 2019….

Technopolis Group welcomes Arctik, a strategic and creative communication agency

2nd January 2019

Press release,  Brussels. After years of collaboration, Technopolis Group and Arctik (Belgium), a boutique communication agency, are pleased to announce they have  joined forces. Arctik becomes a Technopolis Group company, operating as an arm’s length Technopolis Group subsidiary. Cédric Hananel, who founded Arctik, will continue to lead his team, based in Brussels, Belgium. “We are particularly…

New Technopolis Group report on evaluation, innovation and social challenges

4th October 2018

How should we evaluate complex programmes for innovation and socio-technical transitions? A new Technopolis Group report for the Swedish Agency for Growth Analysis answers this key question. Programmes addressing socio-technical transitions (for example, to tackle major societal challenges) are often ineffective because they fail to link transition management to governance. The new Technopolis Group report…

Conference announcement: Brussels, 3-4 July 2018 Creating value together: towards business partnerships between social economy enterprises and traditional businesses

30th April 2018

Social economy enterprises and traditional, for-profit enterprises collaborate in many ways. Together, they can co-create value for both partners and become a real source of jobs and social inclusion in Europe. For further details on the conference including the latest agenda,  location, logistics and registration.