Innovation systems

The impact of the EU RTD Framework Programme on the UK

This study was an evaluation of the impacts of FP6 and FP7 on the UK. The aims of the study were to assess the nature and extent of the impacts arising from UK involvement in the FPs and to evaluate the extent to which successive FPs (4-7) had leveraged areas of UK strength and had…

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Sectorial analysis of the long-term dynamics of business R&D intensity

Under the “Framework Service Contract for Support with the Production and Analysis of R&D Policy Indicators”, Technopolis Group (in partnership with IDEA Consult, NIFU-STEP and SPRU) carried out a study on sectorial dynamics of business R&D intensity in the context of monitoring the EU’s 3% GERD/GDP “Barcelona target”. The background to the request was the…

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Developing Firms’ Technological Capabilities

This literature review for the OECD uses a resource-based view of the firm in order to understand what categories of technological capability are needed to make successful use of internal and external science and technology. It proposes a four-way classification of capabilities that in turn offers a basis for designing policies that support the development…

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