Torbjörn Fängström

Torbjörn Fängström was born in Sweden in 1966. He holds a Bachelor of science in Physics (diploma work performed at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and a PhD in Quantum Chemistry, both from Uppsala University. He works in Swedish and English, but also to some extent in Norwegian and Danish.

Dr. Fängström was during 2015–2017 the Programme director for the strategic innovation programme IoT Sweden in the field of Internet of Things. Prior to joining IoT Sweden he was working at Uppsala University Innovation, a tech transfer organisation belonging to Uppsala University engaged mainly in issues relating to research and innovation, i.e. academia and industry collaboration as well as commercialisation of research results originating from Uppsala University.

Dr. Fängström has a background of working more than 20 years in the Swedish innovation system. His different positions mostly dealt with financing of and creating conditions for research and innovation projects in areas such as information and communication technology, clean tech and small business research. Ha has also been working as an IT consultant.

Dr. Fängström joined Faugert & Co Utvärdering (Technopolis Sweden) in April 2018