Tata Dinyuy Bolivian

Tata is a consultant at Technopolis Group, based in Yaoundé (Cameroon), focusing on evaluating policies and strategies in developing and emerging countries. He is experienced in managing and developing new projects.

Tata has worked on different evaluations in the domains of health, entrepreneurship, IT and education. At the moment, he is currently one of the team members for both qualitative and quantitative midterm evaluations for different projects in Africa, some of which include the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences, an African institute focused on higher education and mathematical research, as well as the Anzisha at Scale project, an entrepreneurship program run by the African Leadership Academy which is focused on young Africans and financed by the Master Card Foundation.

Previously, Tata was Projects and Business Development Manager for the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Cameroon, in charge of developing and managing projects in domains of health, renewable energy, IT, rural development and capacity building. His was both lead and line manager depending on the project, negotiating with diverse complex government and private stakeholders and coordinating the implementation and evaluation of these projects.

Tata holds a Master’s degree in International Relations specialising in International Cooperation and Sustainable Development from the Ca Foscari University of Venise, Italy and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the National Institute of Business Management, Chennai, India. He has started a PhD in development economics with the International Relations Institute of Cameroon. Tata has a long track record in delivering results and Tata has lead/started numerous entrepreneurial start-ups in Cameroon. He is fluent in English and French.