Noémie Peycelon

Noémie joined Technopolis Group and is based in the Paris office. She focuses on public policy evaluation, international cooperation, and European public policy studies. She has a particular interest in gender studies, cultural and social policies.  

Previously she studied at the University of Paris-Dauphine where she obtained a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Opinion. During this training she has learned basic methods such as surveys, interviews, literature review and she gained a strong sociological background. She is also interested in Euro-Mediterranean public policies that she studied during her first Master’s degree at the Institute of Political Science in Aix-en-Provence.  

Since joining Technopolis Group, she has had the opportunity to work for clients at regional, national and European levels, which has enabled her to acquire a thorough knowledge of research and innovation ecosystems. She has been involved in the evaluation of France’s actions in favour of Youth since the Arab Springs in the Maghreb and Levant (2011-2018) for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and she contributes to the EU-Africa Innovation & Technology Cooperation Programme (INCO) for the DGR.  

Noémie works in French and in English.