Grégoire Durif

Grégoire Durif joined the French office of Technopolis Group in January 2019.  

He is completing a Masters degree in Geography “Culture-Policy-Heritage” at Sorbonne University and he is writing a master thesis about new regions in France. 

Grégoire has developed a deep interest for public policies, international geopolitics, heritage, cultural and gender studies, especially through spatial approaches. He also has improved abilities in cartography. 

Before joining Technopolis Group, he worked alongside a policy officer in Corrèze (France) for 2 months on territorial branding. He has several experiences in press agencies such as AFP in Paris and local offices in the rest of France. He covered the Avignon festival (theatre) in 2017 for a local radio office. 

Grégoire works in French, in Spanish, in English and in Italian.