Göran Melin

Göran Melin is specialised towards conditions which shape the scientific practice, related to both research and education. Göran has conducted studies and evaluations targeting issues related to research production, research funding mechanisms, higher education, organisation of higher education institutions, mobility, doctoral training, alliances and mergers between higher education institutions, academic careers and cooperation with the surrounding society. Examples include assignments for several universities, foundations and government agencies in Sweden, and studies for the Nordic Council of Ministers and NordForsk. He has also conducted studies for ministries/governmental authorities and higher education institutions in several other countries, including Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Norway, and UK. Matters related to participation in the EU Framework Programmes have repeatedly been in focus. 2011–2012 he supported the Thematic Working Group of Higher Education at DG EAC as expert during meetings and conferences. He has experience as national expert in a CREST OMC Working Group (“Mutual learning on approaches to improve the excellence of research in universities”, 2009). Göran is an experienced project manager and has authored more than sixty evaluation reports and twenty scientific papers.

Göran took his PhD at Umeå University, Sweden, in 1997. Upon completion of his PhD, Göran started working with promotion of international scientific cooperation at the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education, STINT (1997–2002). Subsequently, Göran took up position as Senior Researcher at The Swedish Institute for Studies in Education and Research, SISTER (2003–2008). In 2007 he was entitled Associate Professor at Stockholm University. In 2008 he was appointed Special Adviser at the Ministry of Education and Research in Sweden, with particular responsibility for innovation, the scientific career structure and university-based research production.

Göran is fluent in Swedish and English and has a good understanding of Danish, Norwegian and German.