United Kingdom

Emma Pottinger

Emma is a consultant at Technopolis-Group and has experience in science and technology policy with a particular interest in health and life sciences. She has significant experience of working with clients in the UK (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Wellcome Trust, the Medical Research Council, Innovate UK) and internationally (Maltese Health Service, DG SANTE, Canadian International Development Research Centre). Emma is experienced in a number of quantitative and qualitative methods including systematic literature review and meta-analysis; portfolio analysis; semi-structured interview and surveys. She is currently working across a range of health-related projects including an evaluation of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund – Medicines Manufacturing Programme, an evaluation of the EU Orphan Legislation, a 10 Year Evaluation of Medical Research Council Translational Research and an evaluation of the Joint Canadian Israel Health Research Programme.  

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Emma was Senior Research Fellow at the Royal College of Physicians in London. During this time, she developed expertise in health policy development with a focus on disease specific guidance and service delivery within the NHS. She employed quantitative statistical techniques such as meta-analysis of intervention, prognostic and diagnostic data to inform evidence-based policy. She has also developed and led the delivery of a number of systematic review and meta-analysis teaching modules for researchers; and facilitated stakeholder workshops and public consultations. Previously, Emma spent time at Charité University’s Centre for Space Medicine in Berlin investigating terrestrial analogues of microgravity and their ability to mimic the effects of spaceflight on the cardiovascular system.  

Emma obtained her undergraduate degree in Physiology from the University of Glasgow in Scotland and her Master’s degree in Aerospace Physiology from King’s College, London. She is a native English speaker.