Anne-Gaëlle Muths

Anne-Gaëlle has graduated from Strasbourg (Institute for Political Sciences), from Bergen (Social Sciences and Law faculty, Norway) and Lille (International programme management).

She joined Technopolis |ITD| in July 2010. Previously she worked for the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs in the embassies in Bangladesh, Haiti and Comoros. As a development and cultural programme manager, she was in charge of actions regarding education and higher education, local and social development, governance and culture. She also worked for the international affairs office at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris), where she was responsible for international conventions on student mobility and research agreements. Thus, she knows perfectly well social and economic policies in developing countries and strategies and tools of multi- and bilateral co-operation agencies.
Prior to that, she was in charge of a comparative study on the strategies of multilateral aid agencies to support statistics in developing countries, she was a manager of cultural projects in Paris and worked on social programme for the elderly people in Normandy.

Anne-Gaëlle’s work in Technopolis-ITD has to-date focused on international relations, especially international development issues as well as higher education and research policies.

She contributed to several evaluations and studies for the Foreign Affairs (programme evaluations: international academic cooperation in Vietnam, judicial training, support for the French language in Equatorial Guinea, and management of water resources in the East-African rift).

Another part of her work focuses on programme evaluation for the European Commission (Regions of Knowledge, Growth Factors, Trendchart).

She works in French and English and has basic knowledge in German and Norwegian.