Alexander Buitenhuis

Alexander Buitenhuis MSc is a consultant at Technopolis Group, based at the Amsterdam office. He has specialised in energy and innovation economics and has developed experience in both qualitative research (Nvivo, desk research and database compositions) and in quantitative research (econometrics and time series analysis).

Recently, Alexander studied the dynamics of the innovation and energy sector for the Danish and Dutch economy (1976-2007), as a master thesis to complete his MSc at the faculty of economics at Lund University. Before his Master, Alexander obtained a Bachelor degree at the University of Leiden in History. Main topics in his study were Trade networks, economic crises analysis, innovation systems, sustainability and emerging economies.

During his academic career, Alexander has worked as an intern for The University of Leiden where he contributed to the organisation of an exhibition considering the history of Botanica and Botanical Gardens. In the summer of 2016, Alexander was involved in projects considering the integration of Roma and a comparative study between the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and the Visegrád countries considering reintegration programs at the Budapest Institute for Policy Analysis. He is native in Dutch, fluent in English and able to read the Danish, French, German, Norwegian and Swedish language.