Territorial needs assessment and SWOT analysis of the MEDiterranean territorial cooperation programme 2014-2020

Expertise: Regional Policy

Language: French

Publication date: 30th July 2013

The objectives of the mission was to draft the territorial needs assessment and the SWOT analysis of the MED 2014-2020 programme. It wass based on the three growth objectives laid down by the European Union in its Europe 2020 strategy, namely; smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The report presents the strengths and weaknesses of the MED space for each objective.
The specific objectives of the mission was to:
• Enable the programme partnership to make strategic choices for the future of the transnational cooperation in the MED programme;
• Contribute to identify the investment priorities on which the programme should focus in the period 2014-2020.
For each objective, we presented data for the MED space’s key indicators, SWOT analyses, and conclusions to inform the work of defining the programme strategy. Drawing on fundamental territorial data, lessons from the 2007-2013 programme, and consideration of the specific nature of the transnational dimension, we highlighted the important challenges and opportunities facing the MED space and translated them into Investment Priorities (IP).