Study on the creation of innovation poles (‘technopoles’) in Congo

Authors: Matthieu LacaveMichel LacaveArnaud MollardIDATEOTRANCHE

Language: French

Publication date: 20th February 2013

There was a need to identify a digital ecosystem for the country, and to define the operational ways to boost the economic activity, create the high-level value-added training conditions, facilitate the relationship between research, higher education and the economy…
In this new regional environment, the innovation centre (or competitiveness cluster) will become the focus point of this ecosystem and foster the dissemination and fertilisation between stakeholders, within a global objective of sustainability and long-lasting transfer of know-how.
The five objectives of this study were:
• Undertake a diagnosis of existing developing sectors to assess their innovation and competitiveness potential;
• Identify the innovation centre precise objectives and the envisaged cooperations with other competitiveness centres;
• Define the exact location of the innovation centre
• List public and private partners likely to invest in the innovation centre;
• Define its business plan.
The overall goal is to help the Government measuring the needs and opportunities for the Republic of Congo to invest in a technology centre hosting a competitiveness cluster).