Strategic territorial diagnosis of Mayotte preliminary to the definition and drafting of the future European programme 2014-2020

Expertise: Regional Policy

Authors: Yann CadiouLéonor RivoireArnaud MollardOlivier MalletAmnyos

Language: French

Publication date: 31st March 2013

Mayotte is in France, in an atypical situation: Since the 31st of March 2011, Mayotte is the 101th French department and it has no experience in the European funds. However, because it became part of the outermost regions for the 2014-2020 programming period, Mayotte can aspire to these funds. But it had to globally join in – with certain adjustments process at a time level, concerning the adoption of the European community law, and at a national level concerning the Europe Strategy 2020 priorities, the Common Strategic framework for France and the funds of community regulation, which are already known in details – although they have to be approved during the year 2013 – thanks to the proposals registered by the Commission.
The territorial diagnoses was one of the prerequisites to the future 2014-2020 Community funds preparation. Their aims were to provide: “orientations in order to articulate and coordinate the use of the 4 funds ERDF/ESF/EARFD/EMFF” in each of the 27 French regional territories and to give a common basis of negotiation for the future programming.
The modifications to the European programming Strategic framework aimed at strengthening the coherence between, first, the objectives on the cohesion policy and second, those related to the Europe 2020 Strategy (link between the structural funds allocation and the objectives of the strategy). The new statutory measures were trying to create à common strategic framework for the whole structural funds (ERDF, ESF, CF, EARFD and EMFF).