Strategic Assessement of The Outermost Regions (France)

Expertise: Regional Policy

Language: French

Publication date: 30th May 2013

The goal of the study was to realise a strategic diagnosis, which constituted the part dedicated to outermost regions in the national diagnosis of the Partnership Contract for 2014-2020. This diagnosis highlighted the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities the French outermost regions were facing.

The study had one strategic and one operational objective. The strategic objective was to produce a global vision of what is at stake in the outermost regions and the common potential for development of all these regions. The operational objective was to produce a shared document on specific issues and opportunities for outermost regions.

In order to complete this study, various toolswere used: 30 interviews with stakeholders, an extensive desk research, and several workshops with various stakeholders.

The study had been completed with two reports: one dedicated to an analysis of all the diagnosis and their strategic visions, and the other to the overall coherence of all the diagnosis. It was used in the national overview report to highlight the specificities of the French outermost regions.